COAC at Regional Chapter Gathering

Black Tern - Photo Mick Thompson

Black Tern - Photo Mick Thompson

COAC was well-represented (virtually) at the Great Lakes Chapter Gathering on Saturday, June 27. Representatives from several Ohio chapters attended, including COAC officers and board members Jackie Augustine (COAC President) and Nancy Howell (COAC Treasurer), as well as National Audubon Regional Director Bill Heck.

Participants heard from Michelle Parker, VP and Executive Director of Audubon Great Lakes. Ohio attendees were particularly pleased to see Leigh Ann Miller, newly appointed Executive Director of the Grange Insurance Audubon Center in Columbus, and Ohio’s own Marnie Urso, Policy Director the Great Lakes Region. The highlight of the day, though, was Kenn Kaufman’s fascinating and inspiring presentation Everything Is Connected,. Need we add that Kenn is yet another Ohio resident? The morning was completed with informative and helpful presentations on Audubon projects from other staff and chapter volunteers.

Afternoon sessions focused on resources and training for Audubon chapters. A main theme was re-imagining programs and field trips in the age of COVID. In breakout groups, chapter attendees discussed experiences and new ways to approach the old challenges of running successful programs and field trips.

The Chapter Gathering was recorded, and the recording and other information will be available will be posted soon on the Audubon Great Lakes website. COAC will forward information to our mailing list as it becomes available.