The Council of Ohio Audubon Chapters (COAC) encourages people to engage with each other in ways that foster a spirit of respectful inquiry and collective learning.

Respectful inquiry rests on the assumption that our individual perspective is but one among many. It’s up to each of us to examine and change our assumptions should we discover that they are not aligned with the goal of producing greater understanding and appreciation for people who see things differently than we do.

The Council of Ohio Audubon Chapters (COAC) appreciates and encourages voices of dissent because, in our experience, dissent serves the function of disconfirming the way we view the world and in so doing, it asks us to examine our assumptions in ways that can lead to improved understanding and learning.

Demeaning remarks, ungrounded assertions, inflammatory rhetoric and other forms of expression that play up or perpetuate negative stereotypes, or that demonize and scapegoat any person or group are not appropriate postings for the Council of Ohio Audubon Chapters (COAC) timeline.

The Council of Ohio Audubon Chapters (COAC) will ask people to remove any posts that we deem as disrespectful to the spirit of inquiry and learning that we are seeking to bring to our work.