Why Participate in COAC?

The Council of Ohio Audubon Chapters is more than a group of like-minded people, more than just a medium for groups of people who care about birds to congregate. COAC is a vision of a powerful, well-informed, effective movement for bird conservation in Ohio. We can fulfill that vision by coming together as one.

We can teach each other and other conservation organizations in the state. By sharing our knowledge and our successes, we can teach each other to be more effective advocates for conservation.

We can learn how to improve, how better to fulfill our own local missions and change the conservation landscape in Ohio. We can learn not only from each other, but from other individuals and organizations. By learning together, we can learn more and learn faster.

We can share resources to extend our reach throughout Ohio. We can share to reduce costs and be more efficient. We can share to enable us to accomplish goals together that are impossible individually.

By pooling our individual networks and connections, we can gain access to critical individuals, groups, and agencies in Ohio. We can connect across our chapters, speaking and even recruiting as a group where we could not do so as individual chapters.

Together, we can provide the conservation leadership that Ohio needs. We can demonstrate the power of a united Audubon. We can be the “big dog” and lead the pack toward a better future for birds, for ourselves, and for our children. If we do not lead, who will?

Please….join us. Not just as one person or one chapter, but as a member of a powerful force for bird conservation in Ohio!